Piana ovens are made of high quality materials: stainless steel to withstand the heat and resist to bad weather. ABS and silicone to resist shocks and last over time. The pizza stone is made of cordierite to accumulate heat and guarantee optimal cooking.
To light your oven, you just need to use wood, briquettes or pellets.Be careful not to use alcohol, gasoline or other flammable liquids..
The Piana oven, once the legs are extended, can be placed on any table Do not place on a plastic table.
Unfold the legs, insert the chimney, screw the handles on the drawer and the door, place the stone inside, close the door and heat your oven.
Place one of the fuels, wood, briquettes or pellets in the drawer at the back of the oven and light them with a natural fire starter. Do not use methylated spirits or other chemicals to light your oven.
Use a nice handful of pellets to cook a pizza.
With a pizza peel, insert it into the oven on the round stone. Then, make sure to close the door and turn the knob regularly for an optimal cooking of your pizza. Keep an eye on the cooking of your pizza by removing the door from time to time.
Your pizza will cook in 60 seconds tops!
No. Allow your stone to cool before cleaning it with a spatula to remove any burnt-on toppings. Please note that like all cordierite stones, this one should be handled with care.
No. Follow the oven assembly rules. No part should be left out for the proper operation of the oven and your safety.
Do not move your oven while it is cooking. The outside walls are very hot and you could get burned. Do not leave the oven unattended. Not suitable for use by children.
Yes, as long as you use a baking dish adapted to very high temperatures.
Remove any food or dishes from the oven and close the door. Allow to cool. Do not leave unattended.
It takes about 2 hours for your oven to cool down completely, but it will take another hour for the fuel drawer to cool down.
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